Erospolis explores how the city that has the highest rate of divorce in Turkey manages to produce every three out of four wedding gowns made in Turkey We seem to be floating in a sea of white tulle, lace and silk, with semi-precious gems, beads, sequins, butterfly wings and silk roses in pale colors thrown […]

“Why even bother to buy a luxury brand if it is not instantly recognized as one?” asks my friend as she fiddles with her multicolor Celine handbag.  We have gone out together for a New Year shopping spree and I am already beginning to regret the decision. My friend, a 40-something “corporate Barbie” who works […]

As expected from a city founded by Amazons, the women of İzmir are fighting violence against women through art, theater and a strong determination to take offenders to court.   The tradition of talismanic shirts – known as the Ottoman magic shirts- dates from Turkey’s shamanist past. Back then, the shirts, engraved with geographical designs, […]