Safe is a relative term if you live in a country that had suffered half a dozen acts of terrorism in less than a month. Safe has become a selfish word that makes you blush and cringe every time you pronounce it or mark it on your Facebook timeline. Safe now means that you are not among the ones who died or were injured – this time. “We are OK,” is even worse because it means that people who died were people we did not know.

Izmir’s annual Chic Women’s Bicycle Tour, a mix of women’s rights and green transport, has spread to 28 cities including Cyprus. “A society can only breathe if its women are not afraid of being visible,” says Sema Gür, founder of the initiative.

The Synagogue Street Project aims to ensure that the changes made is relevant to the residents of the street. Architect Zehra Akdemir's mission is two-fold: to ensure that the current problems of the street are solved by the local authorities and to gently direct the shopkeepers, with faith restored, toward the ultimate goal of creating a more attractive area without changing its essence

God help you if you say or hint at anything that indicates that İzmir is not paradise on earth and the only place an intelligent person would live in.

In the wake of İzmir’s Europe Day celebrations, Erospolis takes a look at how İzmir, the city that considers itself Turkey’s most European spot, feels about the European Union.

 Erospolis takes a look at İzmir’s two ‘frenemy’ football teams whose chairs promise to set a national example of sportsmanship. The supporters, divided by geography, history and modern clichés, barely deliver My relationship to football is limited to asking my husband to turn down the sound if I have failed to escape to the movies […]