A male figure, totally naked, points a white stick at a murder of crows at his feet, keeping you guessing about whether he is a blind man with a stick groping his way through a complex puzzle or a tyrant trying to force the birds into a pattern. The name “Hierarchy” seems to favor the second interpretation.

Various statues have been removed in Turkey in the last year on claims of being obscene. Two months ago, the AKP municipality in Ordu removed some female statues, while were also winners of an international competition, saying they “conflicted with public morals.”

Artist Ozan Ünal’s latest exhibition ‘The Seesaw and the Spoilsport’ describes stages of courtship through statuettes of a man and a woman on a seesaw Who wields more power in love? Is it the young and innocent, oblivious to their fragility? Or is it the one who is willing to give up first? Or is […]