As you enter the “Josephine’s Fragments” exhibition at the Erimtan Museum near Ankara’s citadel, your eyes are immediately drawn to the picture of Josephine Powell on the far wall. A wrinkled face with magnetic blue eyes, the American photographer who travelled across Anatolia makes you think of an aged Gertrude Bell, as played by Nicole Kidman in the new movie “Queen of the Desert.”

What fools we were as we struggled for equal rights at home and work, in word and deed!

“These women are not just killed; they are mutilated and subjected to additional violence before and after the murder. The dose of violence borders on torture. The so-called third page news on women’s murders include attempts to burn the body, cut it into pieces or decapitation.”

(Bloggers update: Too bad that Mr Davutoğlu is leaving his post without keeping da promise!) I spent at least two decades of my life listening to friends, colleagues and chance acquaintances promising to find me the perfect man. The perfect man they promised to introduce me to, alas, often turned out to be a hopeless […]

Giving advice is a Turkish hobby; very few nations can match our zeal, our altruism and our inconsistency when it comes to giving advice (though, in my experience, Israelis do come a close second). Like all Mediterranean people, our top advice is reserved to the field of love, marriage and keeping a family together. Recent […]