Erospolis offers a pig’s eye view of the visit of Boris Johnson, who can be such a big help in Turkey’s relations with the EU

A woman who was fifty-minus-one Thought life was such enormous fun. Scratch a lover and find a friend, With champagne and books to no end… But nothing is new under the sun…

Erospolis, spending the 10-day holiday in the summer house in Çeşme, explains why it is better to escape abroad on religious holidays rather than become part of the family visits-huge crowds-high prices triangle.

Appoint a man with a mustache and a checkered jacket who thinks good wives don’t get beaten... and end the pretense that you care about women's issues

God help you if you say or hint at anything that indicates that İzmir is not paradise on earth and the only place an intelligent person would live in.

A pensive figure with white socks and nose in buried in a book… No, it’s not Audrey Hepburn in “Funny Face,” a 1957 Hollywood classic, or Michael Jackson re-reading “Peter Pan.” It’s the new face of Turkish nationalists… At least, that is what the “White Socks Movement” and the “Idealist Hearts” (Ülkü Ocakları), which has […]