“This is both against the human rights and medical ethics,” said Gülsüm Kav, the president of the “We Will Stop Femicide Platform,” a nation-wide women’s network which provides legal assistance and support to women who are victims of violence and sexual assaults.

A dark-haired fragile woman, Saadet Ozcan, burst into tears of relief when her three-years struggle received its first reward: the re-arrest of an ex-school principal charged with a mass sexual abuse in a small Aegean village  

Appoint a man with a mustache and a checkered jacket who thinks good wives don’t get beaten... and end the pretense that you care about women's issues

“These women are not just killed; they are mutilated and subjected to additional violence before and after the murder. The dose of violence borders on torture. The so-called third page news on women’s murders include attempts to burn the body, cut it into pieces or decapitation.”