Erospolis, spending the 10-day holiday in the summer house in Çeşme, explains why it is better to escape abroad on religious holidays rather than become part of the family visits-huge crowds-high prices triangle.

The Synagogue Street Project aims to ensure that the changes made is relevant to the residents of the street. Architect Zehra Akdemir's mission is two-fold: to ensure that the current problems of the street are solved by the local authorities and to gently direct the shopkeepers, with faith restored, toward the ultimate goal of creating a more attractive area without changing its essence

The speed at which Ataturk Airport returned to “normal” was symbolic: Turkey wanted to show to the world that it was safe for tourists and security is as strong as anywhere in the world. Large-scale security operations were also launched in many areas the next day, including İzmir and other touristic areas.

The air is heavy with the smell of milk, vanilla and coffee. The strange marriage of wrought iron dominates the decorations. The coffee-counter sports strange flasks that should belong in a lab. I am in one of the “third generation coffee shops” with snazzy names like “Overdose” or “Awake” or “Baristocrat” in downtown İzmir. The hip […]