For the sake of my youthful love of the writer Pınar Kür, I will forget that her last book “Sadık Bey” – written after a silence of ten years – exists. If anybody asks, I have never read it and I still think of Kür as the brilliant creator of/writer for angry young women, not impotent old men.

A woman who was fifty-minus-one Thought life was such enormous fun. Scratch a lover and find a friend, With champagne and books to no end… But nothing is new under the sun…

“This is both against the human rights and medical ethics,” said Gülsüm Kav, the president of the “We Will Stop Femicide Platform,” a nation-wide women’s network which provides legal assistance and support to women who are victims of violence and sexual assaults.

Journalists, police officers, witnesses, Turkey’s women narrate their role in Turkey’s failed coup attempt - and their fears for the future

“The confusion you see in the book is the confusion in Turkey,” Elif Şafak told Hürriyet in an interview. “This book is what I have gathered in me throughout the years, our internal paradoxes, our breaking points… Turkey is a country of unrealized potentials. How we are wasting our country, our people!”

Appoint a man with a mustache and a checkered jacket who thinks good wives don’t get beaten... and end the pretense that you care about women's issues