Erospolis offers a pig’s eye view of the visit of Boris Johnson, who can be such a big help in Turkey’s relations with the EU

God help you if you say or hint at anything that indicates that İzmir is not paradise on earth and the only place an intelligent person would live in.

Prepare for a lot of clichés on motherhood and mothers this weekend as Turkey celebrates Mother’s Day. EROSPOLIS takes a look at the Turkish middle class moms as “outsourcing” and “helicoptering” become buzzwords.

Kerem Işık’s dystopian world, as narrated in his latest novel, “Iskalı Karnaval” (The Failed Carnival), is eerily familiar but still hilarious. The 38-year-old writer, who was awarded the Haldun Taner short story award two years ago, says he takes ordinary events and pushes them to the limits of absurdity. Some of the themes comes from […]

A pensive figure with white socks and nose in buried in a book… No, it’s not Audrey Hepburn in “Funny Face,” a 1957 Hollywood classic, or Michael Jackson re-reading “Peter Pan.” It’s the new face of Turkish nationalists… At least, that is what the “White Socks Movement” and the “Idealist Hearts” (Ülkü Ocakları), which has […]

“Ah, the youth today,” said the old man with the weather-beaten face and weary eyes, reading a Hürriyet Daily News and speaking some implacable accent of English. “They think that they can do anything without having to work on it. They do not understand that raiding is something you can only do with strategic thinking, […]