Worried that the four-day bayram-in-lockdown may deliver the final blow to your marriage already strained by Covid-19 curfews? Here are my tips!

Prepare for a lot of clichés on motherhood and mothers this weekend as Turkey celebrates Mother’s Day. EROSPOLIS takes a look at the Turkish middle class moms as “outsourcing” and “helicoptering” become buzzwords.

Erospolis explores how the city that has the highest rate of divorce in Turkey manages to produce every three out of four wedding gowns made in Turkey We seem to be floating in a sea of white tulle, lace and silk, with semi-precious gems, beads, sequins, butterfly wings and silk roses in pale colors thrown […]

Artist Ozan Ünal’s latest exhibition ‘The Seesaw and the Spoilsport’ describes stages of courtship through statuettes of a man and a woman on a seesaw Who wields more power in love? Is it the young and innocent, oblivious to their fragility? Or is it the one who is willing to give up first? Or is […]

I was in my twenties, reckless, in love and convinced that nothing bad could happen to me or anyone I loved. Terrorist attacks were things that happened elsewhere, to other people     In December 1996, when a bomb planted by Armed Islamic Group of Algeria (GIA) exploded in the Port Royal metro station, I […]

(Bloggers update: Too bad that Mr Davutoğlu is leaving his post without keeping da promise!) I spent at least two decades of my life listening to friends, colleagues and chance acquaintances promising to find me the perfect man. The perfect man they promised to introduce me to, alas, often turned out to be a hopeless […]